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    Flex Project Management

    Yue_Hong Level 1



      I am planning to build a flex project with a small group of people. So, I am thinking to have one main project to load all the component (SWF) in swf loader, so that I can have the component to be distributed to everyone. Here I want to ask:

      1. Besides local connection, what is the other best, fastest, and most stable way to have the main application to communicate with child application loaded via swf loader?

      2. As each person may working on their own part, how to set up the project so that they can easily debug their part with the main application during the development?

      3. The project will be deploy in both Air and web format. How to share the code base for both development so that we are easier to grow and maintain the app?


      Thanks. Please advise if you have better way for group development.