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    5 second Pause/Play lag in timelime

    Hydrilus Level 1

      Currently running Premiere Pro with all the latest updates.


      My system consists of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

      Intel i7 930 cpu

      12gb 1600mhz memory

      Nvidia GTX 470


      Having an issue that just cropped up where I hit spacebar to play, and it doesn't start playing until 4-5 seconds later.  It does this consistently EVERY time I pause and want to play again, it doesn't play instantly, I have to sit and wait for 5 seconds.  This is incredibly frustrating since I'm trying to add and animate a bunch of pictures into my current project and when I want to watch each image I have to wait 5 seconds every time I pause and play.  Same result when dragging the video head across the timelime...the video is just stuck at whatever the last frame was and then 5 seconds later, it'll finally start changing to what it should be.


      I've tried restarting, opened other projects using the same file types shot by the same cameras and it doesn't happen there.  This is standard def footage by the way...  I don't get any sort of lag in my AVCHD 1080p projects either.  All hard drives are internal 7200rpm.  The lag is present with all clips in the timelime, which consists of footage shot over the course of the last month so, I don't think it would be corruption in the files because the chances of ALL of them being corrupted in some way just doesn't seem likely.  But the fact that it doesn't happen in my other projects makes me think that it's something specific with these files.


      What is the issue here?