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    Student Requirements


      Hello. This is Priyank from India.


      I am a student and will be soon upgrading my PC.


      So here are the things I will be doing, so that you can suggest me some changes in the configuration which I have selected.



      I wil be doing Heavy editing of AVCHD files. Where in I will also be using heavy effects like lens blurs, as my camera doesnt naturally give a nice Shallow Depth of Field.

      So primarily, I am upgrading my PC for better workflow in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

      By better work flow, I mean better rendering speeds and effects applying speeds and also better/faster previews while scrolling in timeline.



      So here are the specifications I have decided on. The budget is not very much as I am a student.


      Intel Core i7 2600 Processor

      Asus P8H67 - M PRO Motherboard

      8GB of RAM

      1TB of Hard Disk



      And which will be the best graphics card which will suit my requirements ?

      My Graphic card Budget is not more than 90-100$.