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    CSS for links display differently in Safari and Firefox


      Hello all,


      I am having some link display problems. The CSS code for my link display is as follows:


      #sidebar_1 a{

      text-decoration: none;

      font-weight: bold;


      #sidebar_1 a:link{

      color: #CCC;


      #sidebar_1 a:visited{

      color: #000;


      #sidebar_1 a:hover, #sidebar_1 a:active, #sidebar_1 a:focus{

      color: #000;



      Unfortunately, the website is not live yet so I can't direct you to it.


      What happens: in Firefox, mousing over a link causes it to go black; but when the link is clicked and the new page has loaded, the link goes back to being gray even though the linked page is active. However, in Safari the links for visited pages stay black. Any ideas on why this is happening?


      Thanks in advance for all your help.