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    Reader 8, 9, X all will not open.


      Last week one of our users called me and informed me his adobe reader was not working (version 7).  I removed the old version of reader and installed reader x.  After the install when I opened reader from the desktop the splash screen came up but reader never started.  I opened task manager and acrord32.3xe was listed but the computer just sat at the splash screen.  I ended the process and tried to open reader again but this time the splash screen did not display but acrord32.exe showed up in the task manager.  Again I had to end the process.   Obviously I rebooted tried again same results.  After a while I got frustrated and tried reader 9.4 same results as reader x, I then tried reader 8.3 again same results.  After install the splash screen will display one time then never again after that.  In all instances acrord32.exe runs and will stay in task manager until I end the process. I am running windows XP SP3.  I have tried running all 3 version in various compatibility modes 95/96/2000 nothing I do works.