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    All Audio Files Disappeared!!!

    gcarreira Level 1
      Three days ago I downloaded the trial version of Captivate 2 and have been busily adding slides and audio ever since. I had added audio to about 7 slides and timed everything just right. The audio files were in my library. And, when I previewed the slides in Captivate and in I.E., and published the lesson ... the narration played each time for days. Now, all of the suddent, all of my audio files have disappeared from the library!!! The last thing I did was to insert four text-entry boxes onto a screen and delete all the feedback boxes associated with the text entry boxes. (Doubt that that is relevant, but wanted to mention it just in case.) I'm kind of resigned to re-recording the narration for those slides at this point but really want to know if I did something to cause this to happen. Any help is appreciated!!!
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Sorry my friend - I really do feel your pain. But - if it's gone, it's gone. And the library being empty is a pretty good sign that audio was deleted.

          BUT . . . just to be sure it's not something simple like the audio being accidentally turned off at slide-level, have you tried previewing the project in your browser ... or publishing it and watching it after the Publish process is complete? Slide-level audio can be turned off by clicking the tiny "spearker" icon below the timeline on any slide. The audio will still be fine when previewing the whole project, but will be "muted" when individual slides are being run in preview mode.