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    Multicast streaming suddenly stopped working :\

    Yuvali25 Level 1

      I've setupped a multicast streaming flash application (a broadcaster and a receiver), following Tom's video tutorial (using my own Cirrus developer key)
      Everything was working okay.


      About a week later - I ran the same code without a change - and suddenly it doesn't seem to work. There are no errors... all of the status-handlers' (event.info.code) show what they are supposed to show -

      only - the receiver doesn't show the video of the broadcaster... no matter what I tried.


      What could be the reason for this?

      Is there a certain "expiration date" for the Cirrus developer key, or something like that?




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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          no, Cirrus developer keys don't expire. if you're connecting to Cirrus, that means your developer key is good.


          are you sure *nothing* changed? no network equipment changes, no software changes, etc?


          without more detail it's not possible to diagnose your problem. are the publisher and subscriber really joining the same group? do you see the NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect events fire on both sides? does your GroupSpecifier enable multicast and not disable P2P? is the subscriber playing the same stream name that the publisher is publishing to?  etc.