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    problem with main/child clips

      I'm building a Flash file with a main movie clip that imports (load/unload) several child clips in sequence. The clips advance using one of three methods, keystroke, mouse click, button click in main movie. I'm having problems with the keystroke and mouse click methods.

      A number of child clips stop at some point within them and restart using the keystroke and mouse click methods. they all close with a "stop()" to prevent them from looping. It's those clips with the internal stop/start I'm having problems with.

      If you advance with the mouse, the internal stops are ignored and the clip jumps to the next child clip. If you advance using the keystroke, the internal stops work just fine. However, at the end of the child clip, instead of advancing to the next child clip, the current one loops. If you hit the keystroke again quickly, it moves to the next child.

      I''m building this on MX, so I'm not sure if there are bugs in that version that are responsible. below is a description of the layers and code used for the functions. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

      the scipt layers in the main clip are built in the following way:

      (contains keyframes at each spot where I want the movie to stop with the following script: stop();

      event button
      (contains keyframes with a button on each, full screen size with a 0% alpha transparency, in the same frame on the timeline as the above "function" with the following script:
      on (release, keyPress "<Space>") {

      movie code
      (keyframes placed on the following frame of the timeline from the above 2 layers and contains the script:

      (contains single blank movie called "mytarget")

      each child clip has a function layer with the script "stop();" at the end to keep it from looping. The ones that have stops in the middle contain the same script as to where they stop.

      the swf can be viewed at the following link: