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    Adobe reader x printing garbage


      I am using Windows XP SP3 fully upto date, avg 2011 upto date, Java and Flash upto date, and of course the latest version of Reader.


      I am using a Canon MP640 connected via USB cable, again with the latest drivers.  We access email via Outlook Express.


      We receive invoices via email in pdf format, we attempt to print these directly from the opened email.


      Increasingly, it prints gobbledegook.  Usually when we try again it is okay.  This issue is random, doesn't happen every time, and has only started hapeening over the last 2 weeks.


      We have researched this issue, and it appears to have been present from Reader 7 pretty much an any manufacturer's printer.


      We will try a number of suggestions such as printing using the advanced image option, trying printing from a saved version of the file, all these options require extra work, hence we would prefer to see this issue fixed, as we don't have any other printer issues.


      apart from the usual work arounds has anyone found the holy grail to fixing this irritating error?