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    Export progress bar speeds to 50% then slows way down


      While I'm here browsing for answers to another question I just asked, thought I would ask another one about a project I worked on at home...


      Home computer specs:


      Windows 7 Ultimate 64

      AMD Phenom II 6-core 3.2ghz processor (overclocked to 4ghz)

      16gb 1600mhz RAM

      Nvidia GTS 450

      Plenty of hard drive space, all 7200rpm internal


      So my problem is with exporting...  I was working with a 30 minute wmv file...and really all I did as far as editing goes...was cut off about 5 minutes from the beginning.  That's it.  No graphics, no effects...nothin.


      So I proceed to export it as a wmv, I used stock settings because I honestly didn't care about the quality, I just wanted it done fast.  Estimated file size was less than 100mb I think...  The export process began

      and speedily finished 50% of it in about 10 seconds and then slows to a crawl, where the time remaining was now going up 1 second at a time instead of down.  By how slow it was going, it was probably going to

      take about a half hour, which is bs for exporting to a crappy file type with low quality settings.  My work comp has lower specs than this computer, and it exports 30 minutes of my avchd footage in the same amount

      of time...


      This seems like Premiere has an issue with certain file types here.


      Any help?