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    Output module failed?


      All of a sudden in one of my projects I'm unable to render my comps. I'm getting a dialog that says: "Rendering error while writing to the file... an output module failed. The file may be damaged or corrupted." I'm simply trying to render out a lossless Quicktime. But it looks like in the output options, there are suddenly no Quicktime formats available.


      I tried reinstalling AEP from the disks but that didn't help.


      This project was working fine when I shut it down on Friday.


      Any help or ideas would be MOST APPRECIATED!




      Doug MIles

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          dkmiles Level 1

          Well after messing around for a few hours, I can answer my own question...


          I deleted and created new output modules, and all of a sudden it's working again!


          Apparently there was a corrupt video file in the project that screwed things up originally. I also trashed that.

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            bogiesan Level 4

            dk, thanks for closing the thread. Hardly anyone ever does that aournd here and thousands of threads go unresolved. Closing your thread with a workable solution is even better.