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    Problem with AS2 Video Streaming


      I am having a bit of difficulty with the netStreaming of videos


      I have a proper connection, and the streaming seems to work.



      I hear audio from the video playing, however I do not see the actual video.


      I am using AS2, with Flash 8, if that is going to cause any problems with it.


      Here is my code for it.  trace("output") and trace("metadata") are the only two traces shown.


      LET ME NOTE that I have working URLs/files.  I have tested them via other means



      var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();

      nc.connect("URL REMOVED");

      var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);



      myVideo.width = 320;

      myVideo.height = 240;

      myVideo.x = 0

      myVideo.y = 0;




      ns.onMetaData = function(item:Object):Void  {


      // Resize video instance.

      /*myVideo.width = 320;

      myVideo.height = 240;

      // Center video instance on Stage.

      myVideo.x = 0

      myVideo.y = 0;*/



      ns.onCuePoint = function(item:Object):Void  {







      ns.play("URL ALSO REMOVED");






      LET ME NOTE: THIS IS NOT CODE I WROTE, IT IS CODE I'M USING FROM A WEBSITE. so I am not taking claim not it.


      myVideo is an instance of a video object that I've dragged out onto the display area, it already starts out at size 640 x 480, at 0, 0.

      The Audio plays when I run the project.  however, there is no actual visible video playing.

      What could I have done wrong, or not done in general, to cause this.


      I'm rather new, so I apologize if this is newbish.