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    Premiere Pro CS5 pixelation with T2i .mov files


      Thanks for the great information!


      Here is my scenario...


      • Windows 7 64bit home

      • Intel quad core

      • Nvidia Geforce Gt240 graphics card

      • 8 Gb ram

      • G-tech g-raid0 2tb drive (for footage storage)

      • WD Caviar Green 500 GB (for Win764bit OS & apps)

      • WD 250 GB usb 2.0 external drive (for backups)

      • Premiere Pro CS5 (prod prem) modded to allow nvidia gt240 graphics card to be used with the Mercury Playback Engine



      I shot a short film 2 weeks ago using a Canon Rebel T2i at 1080p24 with 1/50 shutter speed.

      At the end of the first day of shooting, I had to transfer the .mov footage off the Trandcend 16gb class 10 memory cards with a Kingston card reader to the Raid. I used a legacy firewire card connected to the above mentioned PC (that's all I had at the time for firewire connection), and I noticed that the file transfer was extremely slow. So for the next two days after that I transferred the rest of the footage to the Raid via USB 2.0 and the remaining files transferred much faster.

      Playing the footage using VLC Media Player is okay for the most part but sometimes I see for about 5 frames pixel information being lost. It's not rolling shutter or jello. A portion of the frame pixelates heavily for about 5-10 frames. I'm not sure if it is data loss on those frames? I am okay with a few frames here or there, I can work around it if I have to...


      The Problem:

      I used the 1080p24 DSLR preset for configuring the project sequences in Premiere Pro CS5. After importing the above footage, the playback in both preview windows is randomly pixelated, similiar to the effect from VLC but at random portions. For the most part, VLC is consistent with the problem frames. Every time I start Premiere it will pixelate frames in different places than before. Sometimes when I first launch Premiere it is fine then after a few playbacks it starts to distort. After rendering the problem frames for the current session, the pixelation appears in the clips that have the green bar status. Also, sometimes (randomly) some of the clips in the timeline have green waves at the bottom of them, or are completely green.


      I tested the raw footage in VLC, WMP, and Media Player Classic (after temporarily installing KLite in hopes of solving the issue). The problem .mov files all seem to pixelate around the same frames in each player. Premiere, however pixelates at random times.


      U tried transcoding with both mpeg streamclip and even with cineform neoscene. Same results.


      I have not been able to narrow down what the problem is. Any ideas?


      Thanks so much.