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    Issue with Adobe Reader (Desktop app) on Mac OS X Lion


      Hi there,

      I want to print a pdf like a booklet.

      I first try with Adobe Reader 9 but it says something lik "Unable to print document" and "no pages selected for print". And the print to pdf doesn't work either.

      here is a screenshot of the parameters pop-up (sorry it's in french)


      After that I decided to install Adobe Reader X (10.1) but when I choose print from the menu nothing pop-up it's like if print was disable (but the text in the menu is not grayed out)

      So how can I achieve what I want to do?


      PS: I cannot install the 10.1.1 update. I've tried two way:  first from the drop down menu it says that an internal error has happened (the loading of an application's ressource failed), second I've downloaded the update from the website and an internal error occurs during the installation process.


      Thanks in advance


      Camille Gallet