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    Problem creating PDF file using the Adobe PDF printer


      Apologies if I have hit the wrong forum for this issue.
      I am using Adode Acrbat 9 PRO version 9.4.6 on a Windows 7 SP1 machine.


      I am running an application that presents information on web pages that I need to capture as pdf files. I am using an automation tool so it is limiting my posibilities of accomplishing this task.

      I am attempting to use the Adobe PDF printer as the vehicle to create these PDF files but have encountered the following issues

      The page is truncated on the right hand side

      Only 1 page is created when I was expecting 7

      I have specified a file path for the ADOBE PDF Output Folder      ...  C:\Windows\Temp  and

      checked the box "Add document information" but I am not given the opportuniy to enter a file name. It is using the file name from the URL


      To verify my PDF content I used a different method to create the PDF from the same web page

      Right click within the web page and select Convert to Adobe PDF. The pdf file has the full content with no truncation and is 7 pages in total.


      Unfortunately I am unable to use this method with my automation tool


      Any pointers will be gratefully received

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          AGLH Level 1

          Some progess

          I changed the page orientation to landscape and that removed the truncation. I am not sure why it is not using the "shrink to fit" but for the purposes of this exercise I can live with this solution.

          If I click Print Preview I can view all pages and then if I select the Print Icon I get a PDF file containing all pages. This is so bizarre.


          So to recap

          File > Print > Adobe PDF Printer only creates 1 page

          File > Print Preview > Print Document (Alt +P) > Print >Adobe PDF Printer creates 7 pages


          I guess this would be a good time to call support to see what they have to say on this topic.