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    Components will not resize correctly in Catalyst


      Download PSD: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/814249/campusariel.psd

      Download FXP: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/814249/campusariel.fxp


      I am completely new to Flash Catalyst (any and all versions). I am currently using Photoshop CS5.5 to design and Catalyst 5.5 to import and translate into a flash project. I recently picked up a job creating an interactive application for a college campus. I have attached my two project files for anyone who can help to view to see what is wrong. I have also attached inline screenies for those who cannot/will not download.

      Here is my problem: I created the attached PSD in Photoshop with what I thought were the correct layers and groups/folders. I am hoping to achieve the following effect: when a user rolls over the purple buttons, multiple similar copies of that button that are initially hidden beneath the visible one popup in sequence above the rolled over purple button.

      Ex. State 1:



      Animation/Action Sequence to the following:


      The purple popup objects will have their own text content and will be buttons themselves that a user clicks to change to a different state with more specific information.


      Not only am I unsure of how to create such animation/action sequence, my purple components (whether I actually convert them to components in Catalyst or not) will not resize correctly. NOTE: I did click the resizable option when importing the PSD into Catalyst. The following effect occurs both ways. I add constraints to all objects by selecting all, right clicking, and choosing add constraints to all; the following occurs when stretched inwards using the resize test handle:


      and this when stretched out:


      When viewed using CTRL+Enter, the application is nowhere near resized in the browser window. I must be missing something, especially being new to Catalyst. I tried flattening the image in Photoshop, which obviously allowed the image to be easily resizable in Catalyst and the test browser window. However, I cannot use my separate elements when flattened; flattening defeats the purpose of Catalyst if I'm not mistaken.

      Any guidance?


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