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    Flash Pro CS 5.5 Runtime Sharing Bug - Fonts


      I have an issue with an apparent bug in Flash Pro CS5.5

      I have recently upgraded to CS5.5 Master Collection from my previous version of 4.0


      The bug is when I create a fonts FLA file with fonts embedded in it that I want to use throughout an entire site. I correctly configure those fonts as export for runtime sharing.

      In any other FLAs in which I wish to use the shared fonts, I either (a) drag the assets from one library to the other, or (b) add them to the new fla and configure them as import for runtime sharing (both of which achieve the same result).

      The second FLA simply embeds the outlines of the fonts, and does not use the shared asset at all.

      There are a few references online that offer work-arounds, one of which is to port all my actionscript 2 code to actionscript 3 and then use the actionscript 3 font loading library. This is unacceptable.

      The other option is not to use runtime sharing for my fonts. This is also unacceptable as it is a feature I have always relied on.

      CS 5.0 has no problem with any of this procedure.

      I have been 'On Hold' to Adobe Support for about 4 hours over the last 3 weeks - promised twice for a call back from a Senior Technician, which I am still yet to receive. Speaking with people unqualified to answer my issue has been frustrating and a complete waste of time.


      If there are any Adobe Flash Techs reading this, I would appreciate some help, advice, acknowledgement, anything...


      The suggestion in http://forums.adobe.com/message/3739427#3739427 that offers no resolve from Adobe is no help.


      The software is used for commercial services, which I cannot currently deliver to clients. In the time I have waiting for this case to be resolved, my trial version of CS5.0 has expired - and now I'm being crippled by a software provider I have loyally built my service around.

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          Sukhi12 Level 1

          Hi Csmike,


              We have recently released an update  for Flash CS5.5 . If you not updated it yet ,Please update and  let me know if you still see the issue.



          You can update Flash From Flash > Help > Updates





          Flash Authoring

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            mikegaal Level 1

            Hi Sukhbir,


            I was prompted for the updated yesterday when I launched FL5.5 - and to my surprise/delight - seems to have rectified the problem. WOW.


            Do you know what the issue was?

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              Ken Leroy


              I've been having the same problem in CS6 I'll try the update and see if it helps

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                Ken Leroy Level 1

                still the same problem in CS6

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                  James22s22 Level 1

                  Yep, the problem definitely still exists in CS6   I have hundreds of source files for lessons being used by students from PA to TX, and this BUG is making it impossible to work with the files.


                  First of all, if a library object is imported for runtime sharing, then it shoudl be loaded from that external source when the file is opened, and flash should keep a file system watcher on the source RSL file so that when it changes, it automatically updates the library definition.


                  Furthermore, the "Authortime Sharing" seems to handle these updates automatically, but it requires a source FLA file, and once you set one, there's no way to unlink from it.  If you decide you don't want to use Authortime Sharing, and just use the "import for runtime sharing" option instead, you're screwed.  There is no way to unassociate a file from a source FLA once you choose one.  This needs to be fixed immediatly, or RSL and Authortime sharing are useless in Flash CS6.


                  Did you guys somehow patch CS5.5, without carrying the fixes forward to CS6?  lol.  This is confusing.