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    How to check that given text-field is BLANK?

    srinivas1506 Level 1



      My requirement is as below,


      if ( my_text_field_1 == BLANK){ 


      my_text_field_2.rawValue = "Blank"




      if( my_text_field_1 = null){


      my_text_field_3.rawValue = "NULL"




      1) Pls. let me know How can do Java script


      for this BLANK? is it a single space like " " (single space)...........if so, if user enters 2 spaces or 3 or 4 spaces, wht happens in that case? still my code works? or will it not work bcz we put only one space?


      2) Pls. consolidated the above JavaScript in a best practice way


      Thank you