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    Cannot download/install Flash Player


      I am running Windows XP home addition.  This all started with a notification of a "routine" update to my Adobe flash player (belive from 10.0...to10.3...)


      Kept getting a notification from the install manager that a newer version was already installed on my computer.  However, when I went to YouTube (or any site with .flv files) and tried to open them, I get the same message that I need Adobe flash player to run these files.


      Now, I have totally uninstalled any/all software related to Adobe at least three different times and the last time, I ran the drive wiper utility of CCleaner.


      Each time, I have tried to re-download Adobe flash player with the same results.  Approximately 55% into the download, it comes up with the same message that a newer version is already installed.


      I have completed five different searches and cannot find Adobe flash player anywhere on my hardrive, and it is not listed in the uninstall utility of either Windows, or CCleaner.


      So, where is the hell is the installation manager finding what it concludes is Flash Player already installed on my computer?


      Has anyone else heard of this??  Any fixes??