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    Are there any examples that do not require a personal webserver?  I do not need a server for my aps.

    GoodNewsJim Level 1

      Back when Cirrus was Stratus, there was no need for a personal webserver to host a CGI script.


      I have no need for a non AS3 server because my server is simply going to be another peer node on the network


      It is a professional way to handle things too:

      1) You have a computer with a static IP that computers refer to as the master peer(yes wordplay).

      2)If you can't afford a computer with a static IP, you can simply create a peer that responds to requests,"Are you the server?"  Yes, this is easily hackable, but when you're debugging, your friends aren't gonna be jerks.


      All I want when I contact Cirrus is:

      1) A list of IP addresses of connected peers.


      And if someone has example code:

      2) The ability to send "Hello World" to all peers.


      Is this doable in Cirrus?  Stratus could do it.