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    How to Stamp a PDF Document permanently

    Neilwa Level 1

      As an author about to release eBooks in the form of PDFs (I use Indesign to create), how can I stamp ever page of a PDF with the registered user's details and make that stamp permanent? I want to do it in batch mode so that I only have to literally drag and drop my master PDF documents into a field already set with the user's registered details for the stamp to appear at the top of every page in every PDF document dropped into the field.


      I have tried VeryPDF's PDFStamper tool and it does this exactly but the stamp is not permanent as I was able to remove the stamps using another program (even when the stamped PDF was batch encrypted). I have not been able to find a batch encryption program that prevented me from removing the stamps. The PDFs can not be password protected as i want the end users to be able to open them like you would start a music file that has been paid for (ipod users don't enter a pw every time they play their music files). I have researched other commercial solutions but the PDF delivery is either restricted to proprietry delivery or very expensive (upwards of US2000) alternative software.


      There must be a lot of authors like me wanting to do this but I have drawn blanks at every step trying to find a solution. I wrote to Adobe about this 5 years ago and never got a reply. I've waited thinking something worthwhile would come along but so far I can't find it.


      Anyone got a solution? thank you for your time and help with this.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I think this is the wrong forum for this, but I've recently developed a tool that can batch watermark PDF files with names from a list and then password protect the files. There are also various other features like converting the PDF pages to images and automatically emailing the files to the recipients.

          If you're interested, contact me at try6767 at gmail dot com.

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            Neilwa Level 1

            For the many people who are following this thread I'd like to report that I am currently reviewing a possible solution. This solution could be the very answer I have been searching years for and it may also include another secret security feature completely unique to anything anyone has ever thought of before!


            I will keep readers posted about the results once testing is complete.

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              Neilwa Level 1

              I am very pleased to announce that the solution provided to me by try67 works brilliantly. I can now batch stamp and encrypt multiple pdf files collectively with user details entered once. I have tried to disassemble the stamp using pdf editors which do not respect security settings and have found the stamps to be permanent. It's taken me years to achieve this (trying other so called permanent stamping programs) and I am so happy to know that my pdf files I distribute will now carry secure personalised user registration stamps. This is something even Adobe couldn't do! THANK YOU try67!

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                Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                This is something even Adobe couldn't do!

                Adobe can do this.

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                  Neilwa Level 1

                  Adobe could not do it. I was able to disassemble the Adobe stamping with various techniques. Why do you think Adobe places the caveat acknowledging some methods/other programs that do not respect their security features may circumvent their security measures? Believe me, it's taken me over 3 years of research on this topic to finally arrive at a real secure method that even I could not disassemble. The method also involves secret secondary security measures. As far as Adobe is concerned, I tried contacting them more than 4 years ago about this issue and they did not even have the courtesy of replying. I emailed them and tried phoning them many times. Trying to phone Adobe and actually speaking to someone of authority was almost impossible in itself. No one was interested and my calls were never returned. My email was never replied to. So I had to go it alone and find a real solution.

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                    I am equally interested in this as well.  I attended a publishing conference and found out that piracy is pretty high, however just like any other theft if we can take preventative measures to make it more difficult than the less worries and that most people are genuinely honest.  DRM's are very expensive and not security proof.  Through my research I came across a shopping cart ejunkie.. they describe the stamping technique as well and how to include it in the shopping card URL to eliminate passwords, etc.   I am totally a novice..


                    My questions if you don't mind are,


                    1) How does the stamping keep people from copying the content? Is this allowing them only the ability to use with a reader but unable to print and copy?  I can't see too many people traveling in the same circle unafraid of using someone else's download with stamp or not.


                    2)  I also want to ask you another question about using other services to download your ebook.  Can you email me too at pj at nobrokenhome dot com.  Thank you

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                      Neilwa Level 1

                      Permanent stamping can ensure the document has the owner's registered details stamped on every page and put a stop to people removing the stamps. You say that this is not going to do much to stop "people traveling in the same circle unafraid of using someone else's download with stamp or not." For me it acts as a permanent reminder to our customers and can be traced in cases of breach of copyright - especially in educational areas which I deal in. The file is also encrypted to secure various privileges. Sorry, I can't help you with your other questions. Anyone interested in permanent stamping should contact try67 above.