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    How to get data from Indesign to Excel?




      I have a little issue..i have some product catalogues in Indesing form and i need to move them to excel form.

      Any ideas how this can be done quickly? I only need the data inside the tables in Indesing document. Tricky part

      is that the data have been inputted to Indd from several different excel sheets and i don't find original tables anymore..

      (my ancestor maybe have deleted them or something...) So do i need to copy-paste hundreds of tables from InD to one excel -file

      or is there any quicker way to do it?

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          Julian Beach Level 2

          There is no easy way to do this. Selecting the whole story and copying and pasting the the content into a text editor will give you the raw text (with the tables converted to tab-delimited data. From there you can select all the tables using grep/regex ("^.*\t.*" works in the tables I have - it selects any line with has text followed by a tab followed by more text). You can then cut and paste the selection into a new text document to import into Excel, which should convert the delimited text back into table cells.


          The success of this depends on how structured the text is. If you have tabs in the non-table text, then this could be matched too. However, if all the tables you need have the same number of columns that you can simply add additional "\t.*"s to match more columns so that you will minimise any false selections. It will not be perfect, and you will need to check through for mismatches, but it might be quicker than cutting and pasting the individual tables.