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    Simple (hah!) upgrade question


      Thanks to all of the people who posted elsewhere about Adobe's total lack of support for Reader! Now I don't feel so dumb because I couldn't find anything on their site!


      My wife's machine runs XP SP3, and has Reader version 7.1.0 installed. She refused the upgrade to 8.whatever (on my advice), and now it appears that she has dropped out of the upgrade path completely. She is happier when I don't completely blow up her machine trying to install upgrades , so I thought I would seek advice here.


      I don't trust that the current install version available from Adobe (ver. 10.1.1) will competently uninstall her current version, and if it DOESN'T uninstall it correctly, I know there can be problems. Should I just go ahead and uninstall her version 7.1.0, and approach installing 10.1.1 as a clean install? Or is the 10.1.1 installer going to look for (and need) the presence of the earlier version? I've read some other nightmare threads about needing to install a chain of upgrades in order to get to the most current level...