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    Flashbuilder contact form to PHP


      Hi Guys,


      My friend made a flash site but can't get the order form working so gave it to me since I work in IT .  I'm pulling my hair out over this so would really appreciate any feedback since I'm not a programmer.  The site is hosted on a server that supports PHP, using demo source code I can get a flash site working that emails but I can't intergrate it to her site...


      This is the code for the order form state.  The site was designed in flash catalyst then I can import it to flash builder to play with code.



      Can anyone tell me the most basic code that will POST the values from the text boxes; Name; Email; Primary phone; secondary phone and enquiry/order to a basic PHP script that will email it.  Doesn't need to be fancy, just want to integrate it to this site.  At the moment the send button just changes the state from the order form state to the thank you state.