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    Find/Replace in Hyperlinks?



      I am working on converting an academic paper from Word to ePub. There are hundreds of hyperlinks in the document.

      Export to ePub fails, and after research, I see the problem is ampersands in 151 of the hyperlinks. (per http://www.pigsgourdsandwikis.com/2010/07/hyperlink-causes-indesign-export-to.html).

      I used Find to find all ampersands when the character style is Hyperlink and replace with %26 (percent-twentysix).

      Export to ePub still fails. After editing the partial XHTML file, I see that Find and Replace is changing the displayed text in the hyperlink, but it is not changing the actual link stored in the hyperlinks panel.

      Or, to state another way, the text that appears in InDesign is http://www.site.com/%26foo.html, but the text that appears in the hyperlinks panel is still http://www.site.com/&foo.html



      Is there a way to:

      - globally change any ampersand stored in the hyperlinks panel?


      - force InDesign to change the hyperlink to the current text


      I tried the Convert URL's to Hyperlinks command, but it appears that this only affects URL's that are not already hyperlinks


      Thanks in advance