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    Adobe Reader Not Printing to a Certain Printer


      I have a teacher that has a locally connected (USB) HP LaserJet 1012 printer and a networked HP LaserJet 4050 in her classroom. She has the 1012 set up as her default printer and when she needs to print large jobs she switches to the 4050. The problem is when she tries to print PDFs to the 4050, the print job still goes to the 1012. The 4050 is using the Universal Printing PCL5 V5.1 driver, although it doesn't seem to matter which version of the universal driver I choose.


      When I switch from the 1012 to the 4050 in the Name dropdown in the Print window (within the Adobe Reader program), it still says hp Laser Jet 1012 in the Type field.When I click OK to print with the 4050 selected, it still prints to the 1012. It's as if Reader (Version 10.1.1) doesn't recognize the 4050. When I make the 4050 the default printer, the Status and Type fields are blank. When I click the dropdown and select the 1012 those fields populate with "Ready" and "hp Laser Jet 1012", repectively.


      I'm  not sure how to resolve this problem. What I am fearing is that it has to do with the age of the 4050 printer.