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    Intel Binary and Mac Store codesign


      I have a stub project that consists of a few xtras and the following bit of movie script code:


      on startMovie

        _player.searchPathList = [the applicationPath & the applicationName & ":Contents:Resources:"]

        _player.searchPathList.add(the applicationPath & the applicationName & ":Contents:Resources:Branding:")

        _player.searchPathList.add(the applicationPath & the applicationName & ":Contents:Resources:Zoomups:")

        _movie.go(1, "main")




      This stub is how we've always done our Mac builds, just adding some files to the .app in the Contents/Resources folder, from a windows build, and it's all good.  Then the Mac App Store came about and this recent Director update allowing us to build Intel-only binaries for the store.  The problem arises during the codesign step for the Mac Store.  If I build my stub as Universal Binary, the codesign process is fine, and we can submit the app fine, but of course it's rejected because of the universal binary.  When I build the stub as Intel Binary, the codesign process fails with the error:


      codesign_allocate: the __LINKEDIT segment does not cover the end of the file (can't be processed) in: (*path to the .app*) object file format unrecognized, invalid, or unsuitable  ?



      Has anyone figured a way around this?  I'm stuck at this point.