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    placing a lot of images


      Hi! I need help in placing a lot of images (about 1000 pcs) in InDesign. I tried from Bridge and inDesign will load the images in the computer memory as seen in the mouse cursor but you need to click one by one on the document. I would like to automatically place all my images and create pages for me and very important to maintain its original size. I also tried dragging the mouse and create columns (by pressing the arrow keys) but it does not maintain the original size of the images.


      Thank you very much for your help!

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          Zoffix222 Level 1

          Where are the images? Are they in a single directory? Does the order of their placement matter?

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            Muppet Mark Level 5

            You say you tried using Bridge any reasoning behind this? Do you make any kind of selection in the document window, alter the ordering include sub-folders? Script will allow you to do this from either Bridge of from your System. So the short answer is yes it can be done… but to do it would require more information. There is a CS5 contact sheet script by bob thats Bridge/Indesign although I don't know if your exact requirement is covered…

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              I'm in the same boat as the OP, I have a folder of images, and I'd like a script that places the images starting at the left and moving to the right until it can't fit a picture on the page.


              Then move down, clearing for the tallest item and repeat until it reaches the bottom of the page, where it would create a new page and continue until all the images are placed.


              I don't want a "contact" sheet, as I don't know the size of the images. I want the images at 100%, and also the name of the image underneath.


              When the script is done, it would be an InDesign document filled with placed images of varying frame sizes.


              Similar to what Auto-Layup used to provide. However the author of the program is not interested in making a "Lion-friendly" version.


              I didn't use all of Auto-Layup's features ... but you can read about them here: <http://homepage.mac.com/haroldshields/consulting/alu/index.html>


              Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction, all I've been able to find so far is "contact sheets".



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                I am in the same predicament also, in which I have tested and generated a catalogue with a set layout with Indesign CS5's default scripting to spit out along a grid of 5 images from left to right according to the image name.


                However, I am looking for a script to have the ability to separate the images into specific tagged categories but also have the ability to attach descriptions for each image that it spits out.


                I am looking for some sort of workflow automation that allows me or any one else to add or delete an image from the catalogue and it will automatically update itself by moving the images to the right or left side of the page along with the descriptions underneath.


                I would like to much needed advice or direction also so that I can manipulate 7,000 images in one single directory and allow it to be separated into various categories without having to manually create a page layout.



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                  graphicsoc Level 1

                  I have discovered 'ImageCatalog' under the scripts. This will place all images under a folder. My next issue is, I have placed a lot of images of different dimensions in the document. On the ImageCatalog dialog box, I have unchecked the Proportional and Frame to Content option to place the images in 100%. I am looking for a way to expand all the graphic frames to reveal all the images it placed on the document. When you double-click the bottom-right handle, it would expand the frame to see the full content. (it would time consuming when you do this one by one)


                  Help Thank you very much.