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    placing a lot of images


      Hi! I need help in placing a lot of images (about 1000 pcs) in InDesign. I tried from Bridge and inDesign will load the images in the computer memory as seen in the mouse cursor but you need to click one by one on the document. I would like to automatically place all my images and create pages for me and very important to maintain its original size. I also tried dragging the mouse and create columns (by pressing the arrow keys) but it does not maintain the original size of the images.


      Thank you very much for your help!

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you have a way to get a list of your images into Excel, you could set this up as a data merge. Add an image frame large enough to accomodate your largest image, and set up the merge with as many as will comfortably fit on the page.

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            graphicsoc Level 1

            I have discovered the 'ImageCatalog' from the scripts panel. You can place all images in a folder. On the ImageCatalog dialog box, I have unchecked the Proportional and Frame to Content option to place the images in 100%. Now, I am looking for a way to expand all the graphic frames to reveal all the images it placed on the document automatic or by script. You can reveal the whole image by double-clicking on the bottom-right handle but it would take a lot of time if you do this one by one. I need help on how to automate the expansion of the frames.


            Let me know. Thank you very much.

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              lilia@ Level 2

              Select all objects then adjust the Frame Fitting options.

              Be sure to set your Reference Point first.... Object > Fitting > Fit Frame to Content.


              Hope it helps.