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    Prevent Click Event

    Thomas Friedl
      I'm trying to implement an online-help system. If a user presses ctrl + left mouse a window opens and loads some text depending on the controls id which is under the cursor.

      At the moment I added an event listener to my application (mx:application) and set the "use_capture" to true. It catches all click events correctly. The only problem is, that "stopImmediatePropagation" has no effect on some events. It stops executing a button, but it performs the click on a tabnavigator. It also selects items in a datagrid.

      Is it possible to prevent this too?

      Another strange beheviour is, that after clicking a tabnavigators tab I get two events in my applications listener function. The first one doesn't have the correct ctrlKey parameter (even if ctrl is pressed it's false). After that I get another click event where it is correct.