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    RH9: 2 Authors, 1 project ; Translation involved. Best practices?

    M-Eve Level 1


      I'm a tech writer that's also a translator. I end up writing topics and translating them, along with my colleague who also writes topics. We both have RH9, and we need to work on the same project. Most of the time, I'll translate the topics he wrote. Right now, we are copying the English topics in a "French" sub-folder, where we overwrite the text when translating. That way, we make sure the layout doesn't change; only the text does. However, I am wondering what would be the best way for us to be able to work in the project simultaneously. We have a Sharepoint Server, so perhaps we could use it to check out the topics we are working on, and then check them back in when we're done. But I'm not sure how this would work. Hints, anyone?

      Thanks for your help!