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    Exporting large files as png format


      I am still trying to solve the issue of exporting an Illustrator file as png format. My company creates maps and our files are very large with many layers and sublayers. We need to hide/show layers and save as pngs to produce different types of output for different styles of the map. The error we receive is "The operation cannot complete because of an unknown error (IMER)" which is not very helpful. Our images are typically 16000 px x 8000 px in size. The file sizes are 60-70 mb. Responses to a previous thread suggested using Photoshop but tests doing this have not been successful and we really want to keep within Illustrator to ensure the the output is as we expect.


      I was wondering if a 64bit version of Illustrator may resolve this problem but do not know if this is available. We are using machines with Windows 7 Ultimate OS with 4gb RAM and Windows 7 Professional with 8gb RAM installed,


      I have logged a case with Adobe (on 19th Aug) and to date have experienced appalling support. They do not return calls, they confirm receipt of sample files and then deny they have them, they promise to escalate and do not. Calls take on average 30 mins to be answered by support, if at all, we get cut off mid call, they clearly do not read the notes and the history of the case and can rarely even speak English! I am at the end of my tether and my business is seriously suffering because we cannot export these files. We bought the Adobe software in good faith, it is not cheap and I would have at least expected good support from such a company. It seems Adobe are so big they can simply ignore small fish like us. We are a small UK company selling software for a few pounds and we give our customers responses and resolutions to support calls within 24 hours.


      Can anyone help with


      1. A solution to overcome the problems we are experiencing exporting large files as png format.

      2. How we night obtain a satisfactory resolution from Adobe.

      3. A 64bit version of Illustrator we could trial.


      Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          3. A 64bit version of Illustrator we could trial.


          There is no such thing. Maybe in CS6? CS7? Nobody knows...


          2. How we night obtain a satisfactory resolution from Adobe.


          Unless this is escalated to the CEO or at least some of the development engineers involved, all you will get is dumbfounded looks from all sides involved. Simply assume that most of these support guys know a lot less than you and I about AI or any Adobe program for that matter. they may know their sales stuff and the technical stuff they have bene briefed on, but they usualyl are not active users. That's the long and short of it.


          1. A solution to overcome the problems we are experiencing exporting large files as png format.


          I don't think there is any. Looking in my crystal ball, "IMER" just stands for a generic uncaught image format error and any answer I or anyone else could give you regarding that is as productive as asking a random stranger in the shopping mall. Yes, it sucks that AI can't do such a simple thing, but the way I see it, this is a "hard" bug that can only be resolved by fixing the underlying code and that won't happen before CS6.



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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

            You almost the solution and this should work well but there are both advantages and disadvantages to this method.


            Open the file as a Smart Object in Photoshhop and save it as a .psd then just double click the Smart Object in the layers panel to open the smart object in AI hide or show what ever layers or bjects you want do a simple save clcik go back to the Photoshop document it will still be opened and it will update and now just export it as a .png.


            This shoud work for you yu have to adjust your workflow a little but it should be helpful. You should get the same quality output as well.


            One thing about this method to be cognizant of is that when you save any changes they are being saved to the Smart Object and not the original file. In order to save it to the orignal  file and the Smart Object you have to first do a Save and then do a Save As. You wil then have to open the smart object again the next time you want to do an edit because you did the Save As.

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              Kurt Gold Adobe Community Professional

              I just exported a .png based on the dimensions you mentioned above. It worked (AI CS5, Mac).


              Can you please specify the exact settings you're using when exporting your .png files?