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    Changes to paragraph formats aren't affecting anything at all

    Lew at Chyron



      The recent post by Dennis ("phiguru"?) touched on my problem, but mine is simpler.


      I foolishly changed an entire topic's text to red to remind myself that wholesale content revisions are needed, and that the old "boilerplate" is not for publication. (I was in a hurry and have since remembered Conditional tags, of course. Duh.)


      Now, I am trying to restore the affected paragraph formats back to their original font colors. (Fortunately, my dopey first color change seems not to have affected the same paragraph formats in other topics.)


      These images looked terrible when I first posted this a moment ago, thank goodness clicking on them opens a larger, clearer version!


      top of RH8 Styles and Formatting pod.PNG


      Using the pencil-icon Edit tool in the Styles and Formatting pod, I'm simply trying to change the color of the font. Seems pretty straightforward, but just in case:


      Changing font color in main Styles window.jpg

      The line "Tiled Texture Mapping..." is one of the Heading 3 culprits that refuses to change. I change the color to Black, turn on Underlining, hit OK and, get Nothing.


      I don't expect anything really 20th-century to happen, like the change being applied universally, but when typing on a new blank line that has been designated Heading 3, the new text is still red.


      Going to an existing reddened Heading 3 line, and re-selecting the desired style from the Apply Style dropdown at top left only gets me that same maddening business cited by Dennis:


      Heading 3 refusing to change.jpg

      Do you want to:

        1. Update the shyle to reflect recent changes?

        2. Reapply the formatting of the style to the selection?


      Any advice, anyone? I know I'm probably missing something obvious, but it continues to escape me, and time, life and my work queue are marching ever-forward.