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    Transitions for Premiere CS5.5

    Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3

      Hi friends


      I have a client who works with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 to edit movies like birthdays, weedings, celebrations and so on. OS is Windows 7 (64 bits, sure)


      He is looking for plugins that are compatible with CS5.5 version. Althought Premiere Pro page at adobe.com has a list of third-party plugins it does not mention the supported versions of the ones (http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/extend.displayTab4.html). For example, we was not able to install Boris FX (like we had in CS4) and make it avaliable as transitions inside Premiere CS5.5


      Could you tell me some vendor of transitions effects´ plugins we could buy to Premiere CS5.5?


      Thank you a lot.


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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          Here's a thread with a lot of information:


          Transition Plug-ins

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            This post from Kevin Monahan is useful:

            "Using effects as transitions in Premiere Pro"

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              lasvideo Level 4

              For a large library of sophisticated transitions that you can CUSTOMIZE, try Boris Red 5.0 The PC version is out, with the Mac version out in the near future. Their control panels give you lots of choices. The perfect addition for editors that have not been happy with what Adobe or other third party vendors have been offering them.

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                medeamajic Level 2

                I can only imagine PP CS 6.0 will have 10-20 new transition with key-framable parameters.

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                  lasvideo Level 4

                  I never assume anything. Adobe implements new features based on the volume of requests it gets for those features. Unless lots of folks have been requesting new transitions I wouldnt expect to see them. I think there are lots of other stuff that folks want added to the software.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I can see Adobe not working too hard to incorporate Effects and Transitions into PrPro, when they are available readily via 3rd party vendors. This would be especially true at this moment, as work is on-going to accommodate FCP-users and ease their migration to Adobe.


                    OTOH, over the decades, Adobe HAS added many Filters to Photoshop, that were once ONLY available via 3rd party integration. However, by the time that a lot of that was implemented, PS was already a very mature program, and was the "industry standard," so things might well change with PrPro too.


                    Not an "assumption," but pure speculation, but I would think that PrPro 6.0 would be adapted to accommodate the FCP-users even more (hope that Adobe does not forget the PrPro-PC users in that process, as we've been supportive over the long-haul ), and that inclusion of any 3rd party "stuff" will not begin to show, until PrPro 7.0. That said, I could be very wrong.



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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                      One thing to consider when making your feature requests:


                      Would you rather that we focus our resources on things that are core to editing and provide a solid platform for extensions, or would you rather that we do the extensions ourselves? As it is, we have a plug-in API that allows third parties to create libraries of effects and transitions; so, even if we didn't make any new ones, other folks could. We also have a set of features for making effect presets---though it currently has some deficiencies for saving your own transitions.


                      Just something to think about when you're considering what you want to ask us to do.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Per my first sentence, where things are available, and readily, I would want Adobe to just rely, or let users rely, on those suppliers. I have found that works very well, and in a lot of Adobe programs.


                        I do not want Adobe spending one second developing an included version of SmartSound, because it is available elsewhere, and SmartSound takes the interface with Premiere, and now AE, seriously.


                        I also do not need any additional Transitions, as I seldom use anything except a Butt-Cut, a Dip-to-Black or a Cross-Dissolve. The uses of all the rest can be counted on my fingers, or perhaps a few toes too. Besides, I have some 3rd party Transitions, that allow me to customize something off-the-wall, should it be needed.


                        Going back a bazillion years, I had the full Hollywood FX portfolio of Transitions. They came with some Pinnacle product, and remain on the CD's/DVD's and never installed them. The last thing that I need would be more Transitions.


                        No, I have meatier things to ask for, and they are not Transitions.


                        Also, and maybe I just missed it, but could not find anywhere that I suggested a Feature Request, but then my monitor does need a good cleaning.



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                          lasvideo Level 4

                          This conversation seems kind of moot to me. I have disovered and shared probably the best third party software available for those editors who need a large tool box ( including amazing library and custom transitions)to please the variety of clients they work with. Most every person expressing an opinion in this dialog seems to prefer Adobe focus its skills elsewhere.  Seems pretty cut and dried to me. Moving on...

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            And I agree that Boris is has a good collection. I do not own it, though have looked closely at all of the Boris products. As I have limited Transition needs, I have all my bases covered and then some. For others, I think that your recommendation is a very good one, and thank you for making it. It will likely help others.





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                              Islanders66 Level 1

                              Well, I'm discourged that Boris is so expensive. I would like to have more control with keyframing and still images. I've been learning on a Mac with Boris and didn't realize it was a third party app. Thanks for the links to some other transistions. I think a NLE should have a base set of these tools. At least I'll find out more tomorrow about some of the limitations with stand alone NLE.

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                                medeamajic Level 2

                                I don't use transitions on video clips. That would be very very queer indeed. I do use them on titles for opening credits or any kind of motion graphics. Pinnacle did have a ton of transitions for Liquid Edition but only a fool would use them on video clips but the smarter folks would use them on titles. Using a page peel on video clips is way too weird but applying it to text or other motion graphics can be way cool. So yea, I want better transitions. Why should I have to buy anything from a 3rd party when I have the master collection?

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                                  lasvideo Level 4

                                  For an example of a creative professional editor using transitions in a manner that fits the tone of the presentation, check out a show called "Burn Notice". Its a great example of someone not listening to the common wisdom of what people should or should not do. This editor breaks all the rules and creates a look and style that is both innovative and appropriate. Its a good  example of how wrong you are by making such broad generalizations on usage. I agree that indiscriminant use of transitions is tacky, but when your choices fit the style of the piece they are a viable thing to use.

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                                    medeamajic Level 2

                                    I am not saying you should never use transitions on video but most documentaries, drama and sitcoms make use of basic cuts and dissolves. If you did a documentary about drag racing a checker board wipe might work OK. Pinnacle stated their transitions could be used on titles. Opening credits are one place where stylish motion graphics can be used. Liquid Edition had an end of life about 3 years ago and I now use the CS 5.5 master collection. It would not hurt PP CS 6.0 to have more advanced transitions. Even Edius from Canopus has better transitions than PP CS 5.5. I am not saying you cannot use transitions on video clips but if you free up your mental process you will find that I am right. I used transitions on titles more than video clips when I used Edius or Liquid Edition. Sure I can use AE to take it over the edge because I have the Master Collection but not everyone does.