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    Removal of ADRM

    Edisto Kid

      I have no problem downloading library books into ADigEditions and I am able to download the books from my computer to my Kobo E-Book. But when I try to open the book in my e-reader I get the message that it is not currently authorized for use with my Adobe ID and is protected by Adobe Digital Rights Management. How do I get rid of ADRM?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I think you're making an assumption - that, just because you can download an

          ebook, you can do whatever you want with it.  Not so fast.  This ebook

          business does have some controls built into it by publishers and

          distributors.  They can assign digital rights to an ebook/epublication to

          manage copyright infringement (at least as they see it).  They can restrict

          copying, printing and viewing - and we don't have much to say about it.


          To find out what digital rights (if any) have been associated with the

          ebooks you have, you can open ADE in Library mode, then rest your cursor on

          the ebook's entry (either a picture or the ebook's name).  A small arrow

          will appear next to the ebook's entry.  Rest your cursor on that arrow, and

          a drop-down list will appear.  Click on 'Item Info', and you'll find the

          permissions assigned to it.


          You don't 'get rid' of Adobe DRM.  It's a part of the software - and also is

          part of other maker's software.  In fact, it's part of the law called the

          Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2001.


          So much for digital rights.  However, I could interpret your post

          differently, because you didn't tell us what the message really said, only

          that you thought it involved digital rights.  If I haven't hit the nail on

          the head this time, post back with the actual message text, and I'll give it

          another try.



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            Scott Sanders Level 1

            So you can't (easily) remove DRM from DRM-wrapped media.


            But if you're adverse to owning copies of media which DRM does not even let you use it fairly, there's always tons of great non-DRM media available.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Let's put it this way.  There's no question of 'ease' here.  That implies

              that it's OK for you to remove digital rights, which is not true at all.

              You can contact your source for the epublication and determine whether they

              will modify the file for you, but that's not going to happen except under

              very unusual circumstances.  'Fairness' implies also that you think it's OK

              to use the media in some way that contravenes digital rights, thus making

              you the authority on the use of the media.  Your opinion on what uses the

              media should be put to is important to the publishers/distributors, but does

              not override their decisions on what you can do with it.  They're driving -

              you're not.


              On the illegal side, some members of the techno-savvy community who have

              complete disregard for the law have figured out a way to

              nullify/remove/modify (encrypted) digital rights from epublications.  They

              have made their methods known to those who wish to do this.  IMO, that's

              equivalent to WikiLeaks' assertion that all secret government information

              should be disclosed....  I hope this addresses your concerns.



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                Scott Sanders Level 1

                The DRM in this case is preventing the user from even reading it on their eBook reader. Sadly, this happens a lot, Adobe in particular.


                They want to remove the DRM for one reason -- to actually be able to read it. Guilty as charged?


                So if you have media without DRM, which is the majority of the world's media, and virtually all media from say just a few years ago, you would have little issue accessing it.

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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  I'm sorry to hear that someone is having problems with reading their ebooks

                  on their ebook reader - but don't make the leap from their problems to

                  condemning Adobe for the problems.


                  As I said before, it's the publishers and distributors that make the

                  decision, not the software vendor.  You won't be convinced that it's not

                  really Adobe's problem unless/until you take the time to check out the

                  media.  You could try other software to see if the problem really is

                  isolated to Adobe, but you should know that most emedia software will use

                  the same DRM control programming.  Amazon, B&N and others with captive

                  ereaders would be subject to the same restrictions.  So is Overdrive,

                  Bluefire and other ereader software.



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                    Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                    This post and any others by this person are advertisements for his own

                    software.  Advertisements on this Forum are not permitted.


                    Please keep in mind also that DRM copyright protection removal is illegal.