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    Why doesn't my files show up in the "MEDIA BROWSER"?


      I recently shot footage on my SONY CX-550 HD camcorder.  Each day's footage was downloaded to my desktop in separate folders ( DAY_01, DAY_02... thru DAY_08 ).  There are many clips in each folder ( 00000.mts, 00001.mts, etc. ).  In PPRO CS5's "MEDIA BROWSER" I can see the clips in all the folders except DAY_02 and DAY_08.  If I move a clip out of the folder to another location ( DESKTOP ), the "MB" still does not list it.  I can, however, drag the clip from the DAY_02 folder into the PROJECT WINDOW and the plays correctly in the SOURCE WINDOW.  I use the "MB" to quickly review a clip by double-clicking it.  Having to drag each one into the "ProjWin" for review is time consuming as is reviewing the clip thru Windows Media Player.  BRIDGE CS5 displays a thumbnail for each clip as expected.  So, why does the contents of just these two folders not display in "MB"?


      Thanks in advance,

      Sonny Gaither