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    Possible bug with resizing TextFields


      I think I've found a serious bug in recent versions of the Flash player, but before I file a report I was hoping some other users could confirm this. Basically, it seems that if you set the width of a textfield to a value that should force the text to wrap or be truncated, the Flash player now behaves... strangely. This is outright breaking some of my dynamic layout code, causing clients to see blank boxes where there should be text content.


      Here's a simple test case I put together:



      And here's what I'm seeing:



      Note the textfield content overflowing its own background. Yeesh, that shouldn't be happening either.


      Same issue exists in both AS2 and AS3. Tested in both IE8 and FF6, with player version 10,3,183,7.


      So... can anyone else reproduce this? Thanks!