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    Can Premiere Elements 10 Now Import 1080 60p Footage like PP CS 5.5?

    d_lombardi Level 1

      I have been doing quite a bit of research the last few days on how to best to import / edit / output to blu-ray my 1080 60p footage from my Panasonic TM900 camcorder and thought I had found a winner with PP CS 5.5 until I realized the specs for editing didn't fit my Macbook Pro 2011 Edition.


      In looking at this forum, I was very happy to see there is a brand new version "10" now however I can't find anything that specifically states what AVCHD formats can be imported, only that Elements does import AVCHD.


      Looking at the new output features, looks like I can easily output to file or blu-ray disk "like" quality to the original footage, i.e. 720p 60 / 1920X1080p 24 or 30 however I can't find anything the specifies the import formats similar to PP CS 5.5.


      In reading through the forum posts, it looks like there are issues with 1080 60p footage in Elements 9 where the recomendation is to shoot 1080 60i however now with the new version, has this limitation gone away?


      I really love the look of my footage at 1080 60p and want to use Elements to edit and output to blu-ray so I am hoping Elements 10 now supports full import of 1080 60p .mts files as does PP CS 5.5


      Appreciate the feedback!!