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    Getting error #2046 when calling loadStyleDeclarations() on a mobile device.

    eegz Level 1

      I'm trying to call loadStyleDeclarations() on a Samsung Galaxy tablet.  When I make the call I get:

        Error #2046: The loaded file did not have a valid signature.

        Failed to load RSL http://fpdownload.adobe.com/pub/swz/flex/


      It also tells me that the style swf I tried to load doesn't have a valid signature (#2046 again).


      The code I'm using works in an AIR application that I built (same library actually), is there something special I need to do on a mobile device?

      The actual same project actually works in emulator mode as well, just not when debugging on or released to the actual device.




      Calling code:

        StyleManager.getStyleManager(null).loadStyleDeclarations(stylePath, true);  // where stylePath = themes/productname/style.swf