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    FYI, cool approach to teaching AS3

    Jay_Armstrong Level 2

      Ryan Hodson has created a really interesting set of tutorials about AS3 for beginners. He does something different that some of you might find engaging and even fun as you go about learning language concepts.


      He basically has you learn AS by typing in Flash. You have to learn some conventions that he uses in the tutorials, but they are simple and worth the first 3 minutes of reading. Then you’re off to the races. He has you type things into Flash and then see what happens very quickly.


      For example, the first instruction is to type


      trace(“Hello, World!”);


      in the Actions Panel and then test your movie. Then he has you see if you can figure out how to change the message “Hello, World” to something else, with an option to show the answer if you want more help. Sounds pretty simple huh? I think some learners will really respond to this style of teaching. I’ve already linked to the tutorials in the Help, but I’m hoping more people will find the tutorials and take advantage of them. Let Ryan and me know what you think of them.