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    ID import of Excel what has changed from CS4 to CS5 (CS5.5)

    romanobstuder Level 1

      Hi all

      I am writing ID scripts that clean up the formating on finanzial data. I need to fix up hundrets of tables, hence the scripting.

      As my client has not moved from CS 4 to CS 5.5 the script create unexpected results.


      As it turns out the import of the same Excel Sheet in CS4 vs CS 5.x creates a different starting file. (The script picks up on the lines, and this is where things go wrong)


      Here is the source file in excel:


      Screen Shot 2011-09-21 at 10.40.51 AM.png

      Here is the import in CS 4

      Screen Shot 2011-09-21 at 10.42.03 AM.png

      Here is the import in CS 5.5

      Screen Shot 2011-09-21 at 10.43.52 AM.png

      As you can see there is many more lines in the import of CS 5.5. (I also tried CS 5)


      I have tested different Excel source files and I consistantly get bad results, that is the ID file looks different from the Excel source.



      Has anybody else found this issue.

      May this be a bug in the new CS versions?


      Any help/hints greatly appreciated