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    Michael Thornburgh: A few easy questions, and an explaination why I am asking.


      Hello Michael,


      You have been very helpful on this forum.  I always need help getting stuff to run for the first time then I can do advanced stuff.  I've made P2P games in the past in C/C++.  I want to make a P2P multiplayer game with Flash.


      Here are my questions:


      1) Is it possible to force use Cirrus 1 technology?  I am writing a game that wants 50-100ms latency response times.  Jumping multiple nodes increases latency and is very bad.  I do not want Node 1 updating Node 2 which updates Node 3.  I want Node 1 updating Node2 and Node 3 at the same time.  Is this possible to do?  I know this is a very important thing many game developers will ask for.


      2) I know with standard P2P, you can get IP address lists from any node, and get on the network even if the main server is down.  Is this possible with Cirrus?


      3) Any chance we'll be able to do raw socket P2P between two Flash clients someday?  As a game developer, I'd prefer raw socket code.  I could just write a C/C++ server then, and let people play multiplayer games in Flash.


      Explaination why I am asking:


      I want to create a server that works like Battle.net where people can organize in chat rooms then play games.