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    How to invoke signatureSign for Topaz signature pad?


      I created a script solution to automate a lengthy signature process for my client. We're using Topaz signature pads, and we need to launch the Topaz signature process from a trusted script.

      All Adobe documentation and sample code snippets illustrate the process for calling 'signatureSign' with digital ID files, which operate with a

      password and a path to the credentials file.  I'm not sure what the dance steps are with a forensic device... My starting point:
      - - >
      SignWithTopaz = app.trustedFunction(
          var topazHandler = security.getHandler("Adobe.DocSign", true);
          cSigField.signatureSign({oSig: topazHandler, nUI: 1});
      < - -


      I've banged my head against this wall for almost a month, going as far as opening the Topaz plugin in a binary editor looking for clues. It's totally based on the Adobe SDK "DocSign" sample code.  From this I can see that the "hardwiredCert" value matches the registry contents of the 'cCredentials' value Acrobat>Security>cPPKHandler>cDigitalIDFiles for Topaz.  (And the cPath points to the GemSignPlus.API that I'm looking at.)  Yet, the credential information is binary, and doesn't seem right for calling the security handler "login" method. (?)


      I've tried the above code with Adobe.DocSign (the Topaz plugin?) as well as Adobe.PPKLite.  It really doesn't matter what I pass to getHandler. 

      After manually launching the process with a click, the signatureSign call works with either.  I think the calls to getHandler and login may only be

      blowing smoke around the problem.


      PROGRESS?  (close, but no cigar...)
      By sheer accident I discovered that, if I click a signature block to let Acrobat launch the signature dialog first, and then choose Cancel,  subsequent

      script calls to signatureSign work perfectly!  They work through the entire Acrobat session, even when closing a form and opening a form.


      Can anyone help me with what I'm missing?  Have I been chasing a wild goose with "getHandler" and "login"?  Perhaps it's a "Register" session

      function that I've missed?  Thank you in advance!


      Len Gray
      Impact Software