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    Make motion tween stop and hold at end of tween?

    SoloXX007 Level 1

      Hey all,


      I'm making a "master movie" for an assignment and I'm stuck right now. What I've got is an Intro page that will serve at the Parent.swf to load 4 other child swf's upon a mouse click. The problem is I have a theater stage where I tweened an animation to make it appear the curtain on the stage is going up but once it reaches it maximum height....the tween abruptly stops. I want it to HOLD there until a user clicks a button.


      How would I make this happen?  Here is the page in question:  http://webspace.westwood.edu/student/briankelsey/week8/master_movie.html


      Thanks for any advice or suggestions that can be thrown my way. I can't go any further on this assignment until I can fix this.