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    AVCHD Metadata

    klausjp Level 1

      I do own cs5 and have the same problem, also the trial cs5.5 is not doing any better


      Older format no problem


      Is adobe sleeping again????


      MTS file say NOT Editable =end of story


      OK adobe for the maoney you for your products you can fix this asap


      anyone agree!!!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Maybe I missed it but, is there an issue here?

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            klausjp Level 1

            the issue is that I cannot add any info to the metadata on a MTS file


            like location etc.

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              You have to keep the MTS files in the AVCHD folder structure in order to do this. Premiere Pro cannot inject metadata into an MTS file, so it has to create an XMP sidecar file to contain the metadata. However, it won't do this if you're working with naked MTS files outside of the AVCHD PRIVATE folder structure.


              Copy everything over from the card as it was shot, and then you'll be able to add metadata. Note that there is a bug in Premiere Pro right now that prevents the File:Dublin Core:Title field from being properly applied to the Clip:Name field. As a result, in the bin/Project Panel, your clips will assume names from the filename instead of the Title metadata.