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    Advantages of Areca ARC-1880ixl-12 over Areca ARC-1680ix-12/16/24

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      I was having problems with my Areca ARC-1880ixl-12 and today I sent it  to Areca's rep in California for diagnosis and repair.  If they can fix it locally it will take 2-3 days. Othewise, they will sent it to Taiwan for repair.  In that case, it would take a couple of weeks for them to repair it. 


      In the meantime I see that Areca has a newer board, the Areca ARC-1880ixl-12.  I am wondering about the advantages of the new board for Adobe 5.x video editing.  I figure while I wait over the next few days for their initial diagnosis I should educate myself about the Areca ARC-1880ixl-12.




      Where would I see the advantage with Adobe 5.x video?   Preview?  Rendering?   AVCHD editing?   (I currently am using tape based HDV camera, but I assume at some point I will be using chip-based more processor-dependent formats).  And would it help any with AfterEffects?


      Also, I see while the ARC-1880ixl-12 comes with its own on-board memory of 512MB, it can be upgraded to 2MB and 4MB.  My current board only has 512MB of memory.


      I also see Harm's comment in this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3396901#3396901" The 1880iX-12/16/24 have the possibility to increase the cache memory from the standard 512 MB (as on the 8 port model) to 4 GB max and that gives a noticeable performance boost."


      Then there is the issue of the hard drives. I have 4 for the raid and 1 for the operating system.  Please look at my below specs -- I assume with 32M they will be ok for the ARC-1880ixl-12 card.


      Here's my current setup for my dedicated video editing system:


      1. GTX480 GTX 480 1536MB Fermi


      2.   Intel    i7-980X  


      3.  ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366.  I assume it will support the ARC-1880ixl-12 card????


      4. Hard Drives SAMSUNG Model HD103SJ  (1000GB 7200 rpm  32M) 


      5.   Operating  system drive::Western Digital 300 GB VelociRaptor 


      6.  Operating system  Kaypro 2 CP/M   (JUST KIDDING:) Windows 7 -  64bit


      7.   Power  supply:1000w 


      8.  Memory  12 GIGS. Corsair CMD12GX3M6a1600c8  6-8-8-24


      9.   areca ARC-6120 Full Height Battery Backup   I assume I will need to replace this with the one that Areca sells for the ARC-1880ixl-12 card.


      Thanks for your comments and suggestions!