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    PC Recognizes HV20 but no frames are captured in Premiere CS5? (Or HDVSplit)


      Hi there.


      Recently upgraded my laptop to a nice Sager NP8130 as a mobile editing workstation, and when I went to begin capturing HDV footage the other day, I wasn't able to!


      My PC detects the camera (Canon HV20) fine, it shows up in device manager as functioning. In Adobe Premiere CS5, and HDVSplit I can use the playback controls to shuttle the tape around, and I even get timecode feedback correctly on the PC.


      But no matter what, I can't get any dang video to capture!


      Camera and cable are definitely working fine; I dug out my old laptop and captured the footage I needed with no problem.


      If anyone has any ideas, or any experience with this error, I would dearly appreciate any input,