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    Interactive DVD with a large amount of content. Limited states issue


      Hi there


      I'm looking to build an interactive DVD menu that consists of 27 speakers, each with roughly 40 slides/chapters. The idea is to have each speakers presentation broken down into their 40 slides so the user can navigate to the points of their interest.


      That's a whole lot of states.


      I'm aware that you can have 20 Pages, and through a custom component on that page, another 20 states. I have played with the idea of having another custom component nested inside.


      So basically it will be;


      6 pages, with 20 custom components each. Each of those custom components will have 20 states with a different slide/video of the speaker.

      The problem I'm having with this idea is having a combobox navigate between the speakers slides.


      So if Speaker A goes from chapter 1 to chapter 40, the component will need to go from


      Page 1 > SpeakersA  > Speakers A > Slide1 - To Page 2 > SpeakersA2 > Speaker A2 > state 20


      Is there another way to navigate through components and pages


      I've tried setting the combobox to play transistion to the the page, then into the custom component but not having any luck. Is this type of project beyond the limits of Catalyst?


      Any advice, suggestion or help would be greatly appreiated before I accept the project.


      Kind regards,


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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Wow, sounds like ambitious project. My suggestion is NOT to develop your project solely in Flash Catalyst. You are going to spend too much time fighting it's limitations. Instead I would recommend creating the base design in Flash Catalyst, then transition the project to Flash Builder. Their you will be able to properly manage the slides and states via ActionScript. This of course assumes you know ActionScript. If you don't maybe you can find a developer in your area or even online who you could hire or even swap services for. This project does not sound too hard (famous last words)


          Good luck,

          Chris Griffith