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    Updating to 4.6

    Francisc Level 3



      Congratulations on the release of 4.6. Well done.

      Reading through various articles, I got to this on the devnet article:


      "Simply repackaging, an existing Flex mobile application with Flex 4.6 can yield up to a 50% performance gain. Creating a new application in Flex 4.6 will deliver near-native performance with the superior customization you expect from Flex."



      What does that mean exactly? If I upgrade and recompile I will get less performance than if I created the project in 4.6 directly?

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          pauland Level 4

          You might wish to revise the thread title. From the Adobe site today: "With a scheduled release later this year".


          You won't be upgrading and recompiling unless you hop aboard the pre-release train.



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            Francisc Level 3

            "Pre-release", but my question stands.

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              UbuntuPenguin Level 4

              What do you mean by this sentence ? 

              If I upgrade and recompile I will get less performance than if I created the project in 4.6 directly?


              I am going to venture that you mean that recompiling a 4.5 project with 4.6.


              I would assume that it means if you recompile your package using the 4.6 SDK.  I don't know if they "Sparkled" some components like DateField and so forth, but they have mentioned in the past that there were a few details they wanted to implement with mobile considerations.


              It's not even 8 AM on the Left Coast, so I am sure one of their team members working on 4.6  will be making the rounds soon and completely answer your question.

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                Francisc Level 3

                Yes, I meant take a 4.5 project. Upgrade the SDK, then complie that project using the newly upgraded SDK.

                From the ADC quote it sounds as if you get as much as 50% speed from compiling with 4.6 and "near-native" performance if you start from scratch with 4.6.

                That doesn't make any sense though.


                Thanks UB.

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                  Shongrunden Adobe Employee

                  "Simply repackaging, an existing Flex mobile application with Flex 4.6 can yield up to a 50% performance gain."


                  Performance shouldn't decrease when re-compiling with Flex 4.6.  If anything this sentence is saying that you will see performance improvements.


                  If you do see scrolling performance degradations on Android you may need to update your project to use 16-bit rendering (see the last couple slides here).

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                    Francisc Level 3

                    Hi Steve,


                    I understood it means 50% faster.


                    My question was different:

                    From that sentence it looks like if you recompile a 4.5 project with 4.6 SDK you are likely to see a 50% gain. The next sentence goes ahead and states that creating a new 4.6 project from the start will give you native-like performance.


                    So my question was why does compiling 4.5 with 4.6 give you 50% more and making a new 4.6 project gives you near-native performance?

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                      Shongrunden Adobe Employee

                      Ah I see now.  I believe creating a new application and upgrading an existing application should result in the same performance (assuming both are using 16-bit rendering as I mentioned above).


                      I'll check with Jacob to see if he can clarify that paragraph (from here: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/whats-new-flex-flash-builder-46.html)

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                        Francisc Level 3

                        Thank you.

                        I'm pretty sure it's just a meaning issue.


                        I see no reason why 4.5 to 4.6 as opposed to 4.6 would be different.

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                          jacobsurber Level 1



                          When simply recompiling your application with the Flex SDK 4.6, there are under-the-hood performance improvements like "on-demand scrollbars". This feature requires no API changes and happens just by recompiling.


                          On the other side, when starting from scratch you can leverage the optimized new APIs on components that will yield "native-like" performance.


                          Hope that clears things up!



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                            Francisc Level 3

                            Hi Jacob,


                            It does and it doesn't.

                            You're saying  that some components will not be optimized, when compiling with 4.6 an app built with 4.5.

                            Does that go for Spark components or do you just mean the new Spark ones that were in the MX namespace in the 4.5 SDK?


                            I've having a hard time understanding how compiling a 4.5 component with a new SDK would not be the same as compiling it with 4.6 from the start.


                            Thanks a lot.


                            And thank you, Steve.

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                              drkstr_1 Level 4

                              Basically what they are saying is that in order to leverage some of the abilities in 4.6, some changes need to be made to the default project settings. To leverage these changes, you can manually make the changes to your old project settings by using a text editor, or just recreate the project under the new framework (which is configured to use those new abilities).

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                                Can you please specify what changes you are talking about w.r.t the project settings? I don't think its that simple. Creating a new project is flex 4.6 might mean that we need to use the new components instead of the old ones to get that extra peformance benefit.


                                Having said that, what I am not sure is, what if my earlier project (built in 4.5) doesn't need any of the new components. In such case, does recompiling the 4.5 project in 4.6 is same as creating a new project in 4.6?


                                Please suggest.

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                                  kleptomac Level 1

                                  Hi Jacob,


                                  Can you please clarify what new APIs are you talking about. Do you mean the new components that are introduced. Or are there any other APIs as well. If my project doesn't need the new components, will recompiling an 4.5 app yeild the same performance as creating a new on in 4.6?



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                                    Luis Pedro Ferreira Level 1

                                    I'm already using 4.6. creating apps from scratch and following all the tips to improve performance, like AS3 LabemItemRenders, cashAsBitmap, avoid nested groups, using label, etc...and I can't see the "almost native" performance on iOS.

                                    View transitions aren't slow but the're not smooth as they are when coded on Xcode, JQTouch or similar.


                                    Does anyone have an explanation for that?

                                    Does anyone knows some more details to improve scrolling and transitions?



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                                      same here. some view trasitions are even a few seconds slow and scrolling isn't native smooth.

                                      i followed all the optizimation tips and still no imporvment. see no diffrence between 4.5 to 4.6

                                      any ideas? i'm sure i'm not the on;y one to encounter this.