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    Flash and Frameset navigation

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      I have read the other threads in this regard, implemented the recommended
      changes but cannot get a flash button to open a new page in a named frame.

      I am publishing for FP 8 and have FP 9 installed
      The Script folder is loaded to the server
      My frames are Upper, Nav and Area with the button in the Nav frame and the
      Area frame being the named target
      My AS on the button is:
      on (release) {
      getURL("Test.html", "Area");

      I am testing in FF2 and IE7 remotely and in both cases the link opens in a new
      window and not the target frame - does anyone have any advice?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if you want your swf to open in another window you can use getURL(). if you want to direct Test.swf to open to a particular frame you can pass a variable/value to your swf and have your swf execute an if-statement that checks the variables value and directs its timeline accordingly. however, you'll need to ensure that frame is loaded before trying to access that frame.

          you would use something like: